[ti:Lego Launches Recycling Program][by:shang05.com][00:00.00]更多听力请访问shang05.com[00:00.04]Legos have been a popular toy for children for more than 60 years.[00:06.32]When children get older, boxes of plastic Lego bricks often end up unused[00:13.64]and stored in out-of-the-way places around the home.[00:19.68]Parents sometimes end up throwing the Legos away.[00:24.72]Now, the Lego Group toy company is testing a program[00:30.76]to make sure the unwanted bricks do not go to waste.[00:35.48]The program is called Lego Replay.[00:40.00]It aims to make sure the unwanted building blocks continue to make children happy.[00:48.72]Tim Brooks is the Lego company's vice president of environmental sustainability.[00:55.36]He told VOA, "Nearly all Lego bricks we see that are out there[01:01.32]have lots more play value in them —multi-generations of play value.[01:07.36]It's a waste of energy and resources to grind them up and make new bricks."[01:14.16]Brooks said the idea came from parents who do not know what to do with the old bricks.[01:21.80]Placing old Legos in waste containers is not a good answer.[01:28.20]Birds and other wildlife may try to eat what looks like colorful food -- with deadly results.[01:38.28]With the Lego Replay program, parents load unwanted Legos of all shapes and colors into boxes.[01:47.48]Then, they go to the program website and print out a mailing label.[01:54.92]The boxes are sent to processing centers, where the bricks are sorted,[02:00.28]cleaned and shipped to aid groups and donation centers.[02:06.16]Two groups taking part in the test program are Teach for America[02:12.36]and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston.[02:17.12]In the last two months, Brooks said, the two groups have received 3,000 boxes of Lego bricks.[02:25.24]Users have downloaded about 9,000 shipping labels.[02:32.40]Brooks said the Lego bricks made 60 years ago[02:36.56]can still be used as part of a Lego set manufactured just last week.[02:43.84]He added, "You can't think of many things you can buy off the shelf today[02:49.32]that work exactly with something you bought in the late 1950s..."[02:55.60]The Lego Replay test program is set to last through March.[03:00.96]If it is successful, the program may be expanded to include other Lego products.[03:08.60]The Lego Group is also looking at other materials to use in their toys.[03:15.28]While plastic has proved to be the strongest material,[03:20.36]Lego has begun making some bricks out of sugar cane.[03:25.96]I'm Jonathan Evans.[03:28.84]更多听力请访问shang05.com