[ti:Without Safety Approval, Boeing Freezes Production of 737 MAX Jet][by:shang05.com][00:00.00]更多听力请访问shang05.com[00:00.04]Aerospace company Boeing's announcement[00:03.56]that it is suspending production of the 737 MAX passenger jet[00:10.04]is affecting more than just the business's financial results.[00:16.84]Thousands of employees and hundreds of suppliers are also facing an unclear future[00:24.84]with the production freeze – Boeing's biggest in 20 years.[00:32.84]Boeing builds the 737 MAX in Seattle, Washington.[00:38.64]About 12,000 employees are involved in making the airplane.[00:46.60]The company said it would not lay off employees during the production freeze.[00:54.48]However, the move will affect a supply chain of up to 900 companies[01:01.68]in the U.S. and overseas that make parts for the complex jet.[01:10.32]Boeing's board of directors made the decision Monday after a two-day meeting.[01:18.20]Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)[01:22.60]did not approve the 737's return to service before 2020.[01:31.52]The 737 MAX passenger airplane has been banned from flying since March,[01:38.84]shortly after a second deadly crash involving the aircraft took place near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.[01:49.60]Five months earlier, one of the jets crashed after taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia.[01:58.08]A total of 346 people died in the two incidents.[02:05.92]The crashes caused an international outcry against Boeing[02:11.04]and many questioned the companies' support for safety policies.[02:18.12]Pilots reportedly had expressed concerns about one of the flight control systems on the plane.[02:27.48]It caused the aircraft lose altitude under some conditions.[02:34.56]Boeing has made changes to the airplane's software[02:39.12]and proposed upgrading pilot training.[02:43.52]But the changes are still being studied by flight safety officials.[02:50.84]The Federal Aviation Administration would not comment[02:55.48]on what it described as Boeing's business decision.[03:01.28]It said it would continue to work with safety officials around the world[03:07.44]to study the proposed changes to the 737 MAX.[03:14.80]"Our first priority is safety, and we have set no timeframe[03:21.04]for when the work will be completed," the agency said.[03:27.24]The production freeze signals a deepening of the crisis for Boeing.[03:34.24]U.S. Representative Rick Larsen called the decision "a body blow to its workers and the region's economy."[03:45.72]The lawmaker, however, praised Boeing's promise not to lay off workers.[03:53.96]Before Monday, Boeing had not stopped production of the 737 MAX[04:00.76]during the months-long grounding.[04:04.84]The company said that it had about 400 airplanes in storage waiting to be sent to buyers.[04:15.68]It is estimated that the grounding has cost Boeing about $9 billion so far[04:23.32]and about $1 billion each additional month.[04:29.64]Boeing's production halt also affects suppliers[04:34.92]like Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc, based in Wichita, Kansas.[04:43.04]Fifty-percent of the company's sales are based on the 737 MAX.[04:50.92]Other companies that supply parts to Boeing are Britain's Senior Plc and France's Safran SA.[05:02.84]The French company partners with General Electric to make the planes' engines.[05:10.60]Many suppliers have seen their stock prices suffer as a result of the production halt.[05:19.68]They may have to pull back their own production targets because of reduced demand.[05:28.28]In addition to suppliers, some airlines continue to cancel flights because the 737 MAX cannot fly.[05:41.32]Southwest Airlines has extended cancellations for another five weeks[05:47.96]through April 13 because it is unclear when the plane will return to service.[05:58.08]Richard Aboulafia, an aircraft industry expert with the Teal Group, spoke to the Associated Press.[06:09.24]He said the freeze would probably affect the economy[06:14.04]and could worsen what experts sometimes call the country's trade deficit.[06:22.68]"This is the country's biggest single manufactured export product," Aboulafia noted.[06:32.12]I'm Mario Ritter, Jr. 更多听力请访问shang05.com