[ti:Russia Banned From Olympics After Doping Accusations][by:shang05.com][00:00.00]更多听力请访问shang05.com[00:00.04]The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned Russia from the Olympic Games[00:07.48]and world championships for four years.[00:13.88]Doping is the use of banned substances and methods to improve athletic performance.[00:23.72]Each member of the agency's leadership committee voted to ban Russia.[00:31.76]The measure passed Monday in Lausanne, Switzerland,[00:36.08]home to the headquarters of the anti-doping agency.[00:42.08]WADA found that Russia had changed laboratory data by presenting false evidence[00:51.12]and hiding files linked to medical tests of its athletes.[00:58.16]Sir Craig Reedie is the president of WADA.[01:02.92]He said in a statement, "For too long, Russian doping has detracted from clean sport."[01:13.40]He said Russian anti-doping officials had broken the rules openly.[01:21.12]Reedie said strong punishment was required.[01:26.52]The restrictions take away the accreditation of Russia's anti-doping agency RUSADA.[01:37.00]RUSADA has 21 days to officially appeal the ruling with the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.[01:49.68]The chief of RUSADA, Yury Ganus, told the French News Agency[01:56.88]that there is, in his words, "no chance" that Russia can win an appeal.[02:05.76]Ganus called the ruling a "tragedy" and said, "Clean athletes are seeing their rights limited."[02:16.52]WADA's decision was based on a special's committee investigative report.[02:23.60]It found that RUSADA's medical test records[02:27.96]had been changed before being given to investigators.[02:34.44]RUSADA was required to provide information to the anti-doping agency[02:41.68]in order to gain readmission after an earlier suspension.[02:48.88]The move also means Russia is barred from hosting any major sports events.[02:57.00]And WADA said, "In addition, Russia may not bid for the right to host[03:04.84]the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games."[03:12.16]Linda Helleland is a Norwegian lawmaker and member of WADA's leadership committee.[03:22.40]She called Russia's actions "the biggest sports scandal the world has ever seen."[03:31.80]Russia has been accused in doping scandals since a 2015 report[03:38.96]for WADA found evidence of mass doping in Russian athletics.[03:47.40]Many of Russia's athletes were barred from the past two Olympics.[03:54.56]Russia was banned from taking part at last year's Pyeongchang Winter Games[04:01.76]as punishment for attempts to hide doping at the 2014 Sochi Games.[04:11.36]Under the restrictions, Russian athletes may compete at the Olympics,[04:17.56]but not under the Russian flag.[04:21.56]Instead, they may compete under the Olympic flag,[04:26.52]as they did during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea.[04:35.92]But they cannot be linked to positive doping tests or efforts to falsify data.[04:45.52]The International Olympic Committee must honor the decisions of WADA[04:51.92]because it has signed the World Anti-Doping Code.[04:57.96]The IOC has called for strong punishments against Russia.[05:04.12]However, it has asked that restriction be brought against Russian officials[05:11.76]rather than athletes or Olympic officials.[05:18.40]WADA first declared that the Russia anti-doping agency[05:24.00]was not following international rules in November of 2015.[05:32.20]I'm Mario Ritter, Jr. 更多听力请访问shang05.com