[ti:Different Ideas About Self-Driving Cars][by:shang05.com][00:00.00]更多听力请访问shang05.com[00:01.20]Many businesses are considering different plans to make automotive artificial intelligence profitable.[00:11.04]The founders of Argo AI – along with automaker partners Ford Motor Company[00:17.92]and Volkswagen AG - believe their plan will work.[00:23.60]It is different from those of some of their more highly valued rivals.[00:29.68]Argo AI wants to get customers that will use robot vehicles[00:36.08]for many purposes, including transporting goods and people.[00:42.84]Bryan Salesky, the leader of Argo AI, started developing automated vehicles 12 years ago, in a competition.[00:54.24]The self-driving systems developer is now at the center of a multibillion-dollar investment.[01:02.36]Argo AI and its partners think that self-driving vehicle technology[01:09.00]must be good for more than just replacing taxi drivers.[01:15.04]"I hate the word robotaxi," Salesky said in a rare interview at Argo's Pittsburgh headquarters.[01:23.12]"There are so many applications and businesses to be built."[01:29.04]A profit-sharing deal is at the heart of The Argo business plan.[01:35.04]Ford and VW will pay Argo fees based on the distance traveled by vehicles equipped with Argo's technology.[01:45.76]Details of that deal have not been reported until now, notes the Reuters news agency.[01:53.64]Among the possible uses of Argo's technology: Long-distance trucking for e-commerce.[02:01.04]Argo's plan is to provide self-driving systems that Ford will launch in late 2021 in three U.S. cities.[02:12.28]VW leaders told Reuters they expect to follow in 2022 or 2023 with a VW-designed all-electric vehicle.[02:25.08]Some rivals are not persuaded that Argo has any lead.[02:30.16]Glen De Vos is chief technology officer of Aptiv,[02:35.44]which recently bought self-driving startups nuTonomy and Ottomatika.[02:41.16]He noted Aptiv's partnership with the ride-sharing company Lyft.[02:46.44]He said the companies are testing self-driving vehicles, and added that Argo[02:52.88]"doesn't have the component engineering capability that Aptiv has."[02:58.64]Investors so far see less value in Argo than companies whose work centers on robotaxis.[03:07.28]For example, the company Waymo is valued at $105 billion.[03:13.64]Another, Cruise, is valued at $19 billion.[03:19.92]Argo's value is estimated at $7.25 billion following Volkswagen's $1.9 billion investment.[03:30.88]I'm John Russell. 更多听力请访问shang05.com