[ti:Finland Swears In World's Youngest Head of Government][by:shang05.com][00:00.00]更多听力请访问shang05.com[00:00.04]Finland has sworn in the world's youngest sitting head of government.[00:07.24]The Nordic country's parliament confirmed 34-year-old Sanna Marin as its prime minister on Tuesday.[00:18.08]Marin, a Social Democrat, is set to lead a five-party coalition government.[00:25.84]The other four parties also are led by women.[00:30.52]All but one of the party leaders are under the age of 35.[00:37.96]Finland's government resigned last week after the Centre Party said[00:43.64]it had lost confidence in Social Democrat Prime Minister Antti Rinne.[00:50.76]Marin takes over during nationwide labor unrest and strikes.[00:57.92]Marin is known for her support of climate and environmental issues.[01:04.00]She was raised in a so-called "rainbow family," headed by two women.[01:10.60]She has told Finnish media about growing up in what she described as "modest" conditions.[01:18.96]She has also spoken of past struggles to find her way in life,[01:24.64]and the fulfillment she has found in politics.[01:29.52]She is active on social media, especially Instagram.[01:34.08]She has posted many pictures of her private life and of her family,[01:39.60]which includes her partner and their young daughter.[01:44.16]On Instagram, she shared pictures of her pregnancy and of breastfeeding her daughter.[01:51.08]When questioned by The Associated Press during her first press conference,[01:57.00]Marin gave an answer in English on her personal social media policies.[02:03.08]She promised she would not change her ways.[02:06.88]"As I've said, I represent the younger generation," Marin told reporters in Helsinki.[02:14.04]"I think that I'm an individual and a real person also even though I'm the prime minister.[02:21.64]So I won't change the way I behave.[02:24.92]But of course I will be careful of what I say" in social media postings.[02:31.32]After the vote confirming her appointment, Marin reacted with a small smile.[02:38.08]Finnish President Sauli Niinisto later welcomed her and her Cabinet,[02:44.80]which has women holding 12 of the 19 minister positions.[02:50.64]The timing means Marin will represent Finland[02:55.56]at the European Union meeting in Brussels, Belgium, later this week.[03:01.24]Finland currently holds the bloc's presidency until the end of the year.[03:08.56]Marin is the third woman to hold the office of prime minister in Finland.[03:14.00]She has had a quick rise to the top level of Finnish politics.[03:20.00]She took over as city council leader in her hometown when she was 27.[03:26.68]She became a national lawmaker in 2015, at the age of 30.[03:32.96]Now, Marin is the world's youngest head of government.[03:37.00]But she might not be the youngest for long.[03:40.56]Thirty-three-year-old Sebastian Kurz, the former Austrian chancellor[03:46.04]who rose to that position at age 31, is in talks to form a new coalition.[03:53.32]The move would put him back in office as chancellor.[03:57.64]I'm Ashley Thompson. 更多听力请访问shang05.com